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Marvel Barbara "Bobbie" Morse as Mockingbird, Comic Cosplay by Tsuya, Mockingbird doing a cool actio
Ygritte Game of Thrones Cosplay Costume by Tsuya; Ygritte in the woods, ready to fight
Barock inspiriertes Schneewittchen Portrait
Belle (Die Schöne und das Biest) Barockinspiriertes Portrait
Voodoo Vibes, Witch preparing potions in the woods. Halloween Costume by Tsuya
Lulu from Final Fantasy X posing infront of a lovely rose garden, Cosplay Costume by Tsuya
Aaravos (Dragon Prince) cleaning some cups while being quaratined in a magic mirror

Tsuya's Cosplayworkshop

Cosplays, costumes and individual fashion

for all those who like to transform themselves.

Costumes and patterns tailored to your wishes, ideas and measurements for your next adventure.

Tsuyas Cosplaywerkstatt by Erika Peherstorfer
Cosplay Commission Slots available

January 2nd, 2021

Sewing Commissions: new slots

New sewing slots for cosplay commissions will be available starting January 4th!


November 22nd, 2021

Black Friday Sale

Get some discounts in my shop and on custom made sewing patterns! Add code "blackfridaycelebration" to your request form and get a 15% discount.


June 6h, 2021

Shop: New Sewing Patterns

Explore my shop and check out three new sewing patterns. Each and every piece will be custom made to fit your bodytype.

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