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Bespoke Costumes & Patterns

Tsuya's cosplay workshop offers a wide range of high quality tailor-made cosplays and costumes as well as custom made sewing patterns.

Whether it's for cosplay, the outfit for the next Comic Con, clothes for themed weddings, extravagant designs or historical gowns, everyone will find their favorite piece.

Voodoo Priestess emerging out of her cage, covered in fog.
Ygritte from Game of Thrones ready to fight
Mila wearing a sexy black and gold burlesque outfit.
Carmen sitting on a bench, wearing a white and gold outfit.
Tsuya wearing her Mockingbird Cosplay doing a super hero landing pose
Black Lady posing with Luna P
Female Model wearing one of Tsuyas Corsett creations.
Drei Modeskizzen, Bleistift auf Papier

Why choose custom-made by Tsuya?

  • You can customize your commission in any way you want.

  • Out of the box thinking – I’m combining classical tailoring with unconventional methods to meet your special requirements.

  • Fitted clothes boost your self-confidence and authentic appearance.

  • Your costume is made by hand, with love and in high quality.

  • Have more time for yourself and your hobbies.

  • You don't have to worry about spending more money and time on ill fitted and poorly made costumes.

  • Direct, easy and uncomplicated communication.

  • Fast and reliable production.

  • You support small businesses made in Austria.

  • I am part of the cosplay community myself and know what matters.



I loved that I always got updates during the sewing process (fabric selection, work in progress,...). I commissioned a complete cosplay. It fit perfectly, looks like I requested, and I do still love wearing it.

I am very happy with my pattern commission. The quote followed within 1-2 days of my request and after I accepted the quote, I got the perfect, custom pattern in no time. The labelling was clear and even I as a less talented seamstress, was able to work with the pieces. Would place an order again anytime!

Communication and time of waiting were perfect! Quick answers to questions, polite treatment. That's how I like it.


Costume-lovers watch out! You wish for an Edwardian dress? Or do you prefer something inspired by the Middle Ages? No matter if it’s just a historical touch or your own creation, you will get what you want. Also, don’t worry if you only have a loose idea stuck in your head, discuss it with me and I will make you a draft come to life, so we can work on the design together.


You are a passionate cosplayer or would like to become one? You want a bespoke cosplay to  wear for your next event or a Comic Con? You have sewn a few costumes already, but don’t dare to touch your dream project? No problem! Customize your cosplay to your liking so that the final product meets your wishes. Now you can look forward to your individual commission.

Schere mit Nähgarn und Nähnadel
Fashion Design

Fashion and lifestyle are an important part of your life? It’s not possible to find a proper wedding dress? Do you want to emphasize your individual character in terms of clothing and have certain ideas, or is it just hard to find suitable and fitting clothes?

No problem - I will gladly create them for you.

Sewing Patterns

No matching pattern? No fitting sizes? None of that! A perfect sewing pattern is the first step to a successful sewing project! No matter if it's everyday wear, historical costumes or cosplays, I will create custom made sewing patterns for your body.
Wanna know which sewing patterns are already available? Check my data base!


How do I get a custom-made product?

In this overview all 7 steps are listed and explained in detail. If you have any questions or special requests regarding custom made pieces, please feel free to contact me.


Send me a request via the contact form. Pay attention to all necessary fields and fill them in as accurately as possible. The request will be forwarded to me and processed as soon as possible. If you do not receive a response within 5 days, send the request again or contact customer support.

An enquiry is completely non-binding!


After I have successfully received your enquiry, you will receive an offer within a very short period of time. This offer includes all costs such as material and shipping. For sewing work it is a rough estimate, which may vary. For sewing patterns it is a fixed amount. This offer is valid for a certain amount of time (which will be stated in the offer mail). During this period you have the possibility to decide for or against your custom-made product. After your confirmation, your order is considered definite and accepted.


After you have accepted the offer, you will receive a request for payment. For sewing work 50% of the estimated value will be due, for patterns 100%. Only after receiving of payment will I start with the production. Make sure to make the payment within the offered time period, otherwise there may be delays in production.


In order to make a suitable custom-made product, I need your measurements! I will provide you with instructions and a measurement chart containing important information and tips. Fill out the measurement chart and send it back to me within the offered time period so that there are no delays in production.

Taking measurements

After I have received the measurement chart and payment, I will start with your project. Depending on the project, workload and desired date, this will take some time.

Production time

This point concerns only made-to-measure sewing. After your project is finished, the remaining 50% of the estimated cost is due. You will again receive a request for payment for the remaining amount of money.

Final payment


After your customization is finished (and fully paid), it will be shipped as soon as possible with the Austrian Post. Packages are tracked and you will receive a tracking number. Patterns are sent as PDF via email.

Shipping time within Austria is usually 1-2 business days.

Parcel shipping to Germany and the EU takes about 4 business days.

Letter shipping to Germany and the EU takes about 2-10 business days.

If you have any special requests for shipping, please let me know in time.


Get your custom-made order now!

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