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Sewingpattern Database - Cosplay Edition

If you already know me and my work, this post might not be any news for your. If you found me by chance, and are new here: welcome! Happe to see you!

I'm Tsuya, founder of Tsuyas Cosplayworkshop, and I offer sewing pattern and cosplay commissions.

Your size - your bodyshape - your measurements!

Since 2021 my sewing patterns are available digitally, which means I started to collect them in my database. I made a cataloge or a list for you to check which sewing patterns are already available.

You can check them out here!

Banner mit der Aufschrift: Schnittmusterdatenbank. Eine Sammlung für Cosplay Schnittmuster

Not found what you were looking for?

If you can’t find what you are looking for, consider just ordering it by yourself. If you want to request your own, just go to and fill out a new request form.



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