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DIY Horns

This is a quick and cheap tutorial on how to make lightweight horns for your next cosplay.

I made them for a special photoshooting a few days before. I used a similar method a few years before that – the foam clay part. I just qrapped the finished horns in compression bandages to get a nice textured look. So you don’t need the clay part and can be creative with other things.

I know there are a lot of other methods to do horns (eva foam, 3d printing, casting,…) this is just one very quick and cheap way for doing so.

You need:

paper, masking tape, foam clay, plastidip (optional), some modeling tools, rotary tool, acrylic paint, hair pins (U shaped or bobbypins).

It doesn't really matter if you use foam clay or silk clay or any other brand. Just use what you have or can get easily.

Materialien für das Herstellen von Cosplay Hörnern

DIY Cosplay Hörner Tutorial. Schritt 1: Papierhörner

1. You can draw your desired horn shape on a piece of paper for orientation & sizing. Screw up a few sheets of paper and form them until you get the shape you want. Make sure to hollow out about 1-2 cm at the base. Just press the paper upwards. It’s easier to pin the horns later.

DIY Cosplay Hörner Tutorial. Schritt 2: Malertape

2. Once you are happy with the size and shape, wrap your horns with masking tape, so they will stay in form. Make sure to wrap tightly. Also reinforce the inside at the bottom, so the hair pins won’t tear through the paper that easily.

DIY Cosplay Hörner Tutorial. Schritt 3: Foam Clay

3. Cover everything with foam clay. Foamclay does not really stick to the masking tape. You can try and use a little bit of water. Add details as desired by using modeling tools or your fingers and let it dry for around 24 hours.

DIY Cosplay Hörner Tutorial. Schritt 4: Details mit dem Dremel

4. Once the foam cly is completely dried up and „hard“ you can add more details with a rotary tool.

5. If you desire a smooth surface you can sand your horns and add a few layers of plasti dip.

6. Try your horns and mark them on the inside (left / right). Also add some small holes for the hair pins. 4 for each horn should be enough. Make sure to not mark those holes too high (not more than 5 mm).

DIY Cosplay Hörner Tutorial. Schritt 7: bemalen

7. Paint your horns as desired.

8. Pin them onto your head. I threaded U shaped hair pins through the holes and bent them in a 90° angle. After that I used bobby pins to fix those in place. It can be a little tricky and you might want to get some help with that.

I also have a ko-fi account. So if this was helpful for you and you want to leave a tip, just follow this link. Thank you <3

DIY Cosplay Hörner Tutorial. Fertige Hörner


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