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DIY: 30 & Flirty Mug for your Owl House Cosplay

In this short video I presented a few of my Owl House props I made for my Eda Clawthorne cosplay. I do have a lot more, but let's focus on those featured in the video first! I'll show you how I made them, so you can do your own as well!

This is already the third Tutorial. You can find the other parts here: Hex Mix, Elixir.

This is how I made my 30 and Flirty Mug from the Owl House

Although the mug is only shown for a very short moment, it's still a very fun prop to have. Especially if you want to do a pyjama Eda Cosplay.

You can buy the mug on sites like Etsy or Redbubble, if you don't have the time or resources to create your own, but I thought I'd save some money by doing it myself, since shipping to my country is rather expensive.

You can find a template of the Logo at the end of this post. Feel free to use it for your own mug!

So, what did I do?

In short: I looked up the episode, made a screenshot, digitalize it and let it print onto a mug. That's it.

Eda from the Owl House, still in her pyjamas, holding a mug that reads 30 & Flirty

The episode that features this mug is S1E2. I took a screenshot, warped and scaled it a bit so the proportions were okay. After that I traced it in Illustrator, filled the shapes and saved the file.

A screenshot that shows the process of tracing the logo from the mug in illustrator

After that I looked up shops that print pictures onto mugs. There are a bunch out there, and if you don't want half a dozen of those you might have to look a bit longer. I printed mine with the photoservice of dm (a drug store) called Foto Paradies. It cost me under 10€ to print the mug and the quality is really nice.

A screenshot that shows a fotoservice website, where one can order custom printed photo mugs.

A picture of a white mug reading 30 & Flirty in yellow, blue and pink.

It took only a few days before I could collect my mug at the store. I did not have to worry about shipping costs or that the mug might be broken when it arrived.

I did brush up the logo a bit after I got my mug, so my own print might differ a bit from the template I uploaded for you to use!

I hope this little tutorial helped you! I will be uploading more on this blog, so make sure to come back later, or check the other posts! Thank you!

Pyjama Eda Cospaly from The Owl House by Tsuya. Picture by Chris Kon
Pyjama Eda Cosplay by Tsuya. Photo by ChrisKon

To save you some time I uploaded my file and you can use it as a template. Try out different sizes! You don't need to credit me, but I would love to see your result. So if you upload it on Social Media, it would be lovely if you could tag me!

I also have a ko-fi account. So if this was helpful for you and you want to leave a tip, just follow this link. Thank you <3

Instagram: @_tsuya_

Get the template here:

30 and Flirty, 30 and Flirty Logo Owl House


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