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DIY HexMix Prop for your Owl House Cosplay

In this short video I presented a few of my Owl House props I made for my Eda Clawthorne cosplay. I do have lots more, but let's focus on those featured in the video first! I'll show you how I made them, so you can do your own as well.

a small blue pouch of paper filled with "snacks". HEX MIX is written in red and yellow letters on top. In the right lower corner are small pretzesl visible. It's a fake snack from the Show The Owl House, recreated in paper.
DIY Hex Mix

You will need a hexmix for distraction spells, promise me! They do work ;)

At first I was like... okay.. one could probably get those pretzel packages printed with the design and have actual pretzels in them.. but the minimum order number was 300 and that was a bit too much for me. So I decided I'd do my own inedible version.

This is how I made the Hex Mix from The Owl House

To create your own Hex Mix you will need just a few things:

  • Paper

  • Printer

  • Glue Stick

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Filling (like Worbla's Deco Art)

  • HexMix Template (Download at the bottom)

First I took a screenshot! The HexMix is featured in S1E5 - Covention. It took some time to get the design wrapped, distorted and rotated to a good front view. After that I printed it with an additional blue frame in different sizes. I cut out the rectangle (make sure to leave a 0.5 cm paper strip attached on one side) folded it in half and glued it together on the upper and lower edge. The 4th one will be the opening for the filling.

I used a similar thing to Worbla's Deco Art as a filling. I had it and I was looking for something small, lightweight and loud - so you can shake the mix and actually hear something move. You can use whatever comes to your mind. Just be sure it's lightweight and has no sharp edges.

After this, add some glue to the final white strip, fold it inwards and glue the last side together.

Only thing left to do is cut off the leftover paper to get a zick zack edge.

Additionally you could use some book wrapping foil do reinforce the material, so it does not tear when carried around in a bag.

DIY Hex Mix Picture Tutorial

I hope this little tutorial helped you! I will be uploading more on this blog, so make sure to come back later, or check the other posts! Thank you!

Like watching tutorial videos? I've uploaded a quick run through on my tiktok page.

To save you some time I uploaded my file and you can use it as a template. Try out different sizes! You don't need to credit me, but I would love to see your result. So if you upload it on Social Media, it would be lovely if you could tag me!

Instagram: @_tsuya_

I also have a ko-fi account. So if this was helpful for you and you want to leave a tip, just follow this link. Thank you <3

Get the template here:

A template for a diy version of the hex mix from the owl house


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