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DIY Glyph template for your Owl House Cosplay

In this short video I presented a few of my Owl House props I made for my Eda Clawthorne cosplay. I do have a lot more, but let's focus on those featured in the video first! I'll show you how I made them, so you can do your own as well!

This is already the forth Tutorial. You can find the other parts here: Hex Mix, Elixir, 30 & flirty Mug

This is how I made the Glyph Template

The glyphs from the show The Owl House, make a neat prop. You could also use them as business cards and write your contacts on the back and give them to people you meet at the convention, , use them for cosplay pictures or just hang them on your wall.

There are many many possibilities!

I wrote some rad Eda quotes on the back and gave it to people who's cosplays I liked.

People really liked the souvenir when I handed them a glyph!

The picture shows a few small light yellow paper squares with black glyphs printed ontop of them.

If you want to create them yourself, you just need a screenshot of the glyphs and trace them - or just wing the sizes in any vector program. I for myself used Illustrator for that and printed them on coloured paper, since I waned the paper to look older. You can experiment with different sizes, colours or paper.

To save you some time I uploaded my file and you can use it as a template. Try out different sizes! You don't need to credit me, but I would love to see your result. So if you upload it on Social Media, it would be lovely if you could tag me!

Instagram: @_tsuya_

I also have a ko-fi account and I am currently saving up for another Eda Wig for my future cosplay! So if this was helpful for you and you want to leave a tip, just follow this link. Thank you <3

Get the templates here:

Template Owl House Glyph fire

Template Owl House Glyph plant

Template Owl House Glyph light

Template Owl House Glyph ice


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